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Aldara has been in creation for a long time, because I wanted to do something different with this faerie.  Once she was sculpted, I pondered over how to best do her costume but could not come up with anything appropriate.  I tried silk illusion, different fabric, trim and the works, but everything seemed to be mismatch and something seemed to be missing.  I finally decided to hand weave her costume by adapting a jewelry making technique which combined fibers and beads. 

Aldara means 'Winged Gift' in Greek, which seemed like a very appropriate name.


The faerie has been hand sculpted WITHOUT the use of any molds.  She is truly "one of a kind" (OOAK) and will never be repeated. No mold or impression has been taken from her so a similar creation will be impossible. She has been made using a blend of several different polymer clays, which are responsible for her skin tone.  I have used a strong wire armature for durability.  I have painted her using several layers of artist's oils.

Her outfit is woven from silk and cotton threads which have been blended with metallic filament.  Beads, swarovski crystals and brass discs have been added to further accentuate the costume.  Her silken wings are translucent have been hand painted in part using oils. The wings are durable and can be posed fully.

Her hair has been created from Tibetan mohair and the color has been carefully selected to accentuate the doll.

As you can see, I have used the finest materials and much care has gone in her construction. 

I have used a hardwood base, which has been carefully finished using several layers of sanding sealer and a wax protective finish.  The base has been buffed smooth and has a wonderful soft sheen

The faerie is about 9 1/2 inches tall and has a wingspan of 8 inches.


Aldara is currently for sale on eBay. See her auction here.