"Dharti, the Earth faerie, came back to her beloved earth to find it suffering. Soils had turned barren, humans often abusing that on which they all depended. She shook her head over so much ignorance and selfishness. But she would bring life and energy, and revitalize all. Dharti loved the earth, after all, it was her element."

Dharti means "the earth" in Hindi and I created this sculpture giving her the very essence of the earth as a bringer and supporter of life.  She is seated on a log of wood, which was once dead, but as her life essence slowly becomes one with the log, a rejuvenation appears to take place.  One hand rests lightly on her cheek because she is sad, but she is holding out the other in an expression of hope, knowing that she in her own small way will assist in the revival of that which she holds dear.

Dharti has been hand sculpted in Prosculpt Polymer clay over a strong wire armature. Her realistic dusky skin tone has been built up in several thin layers using artist's oils.  Her level of sculpting is detailed with extra attention given to her features, hands and feet.  Her facial expression and eyes are extremely realistic and it appears as though her expression changes as one views her from different angles.  She is posed seated on a log, sprouting bit of green moss.   Dharti is a Pure Sculpt and I have not used any mold in her creation.  Dharti is unique and will never be repeated.

I have used earth tones in her costuming and hair.  Her auburn tresses made from Tibetan lamb's mohair compliments her dark skin tone perfectly.

Her costume has been made from dyed and carefully draped silk illusion with her top being decorated by semi-precious gemstone dust in complimentary earth tones such as malachite, dyed white agate and brown agate. 

Her wings are made of real semi-precious gemstone dust and I have used powder from white and brown agate to bring out the subtle beauty of her wings.  The dust has been combined with glitter and various powders and can be gently posed if necessary.



Dharti measures about 4 inches in her seated position and would be about 8 inches if she were standing.

Her decorated base is included, or you can choose to seat her on any natural piece of wood or driftwood.

Like my wind faerieVahyu, Dharti is an elemental faerie.  In time, I hope to create the elements of water and fire so this unique OOAK set  is complete.