"Faelor sat on his favorite branch, and thought of what mischief he could cause today. He was a wood elf, usually tricking people, most of whom didn't even realize he existed. His pranks were mostly harmless, just a bit of fun. Still, he had been given a strict warning from the fairy king. He couldn't let himself be seen. And he could only pester those who had been naughty. Well, he knew how to spot those. He was rather naughty himself.." 

Faelor has been hand sculpted in Prosculpt Polymer clay over a strong wire armature. His body tone is lightly muscled giving him a slim yet wiry look.  The level of sculpting is extremely detailed and his teeth, finger and toe nails are clearly defined.  As I am never quite satisfied with the skin tone of polymer clay, I brushed him using artist's oils and gradually built up skin tone and depth in several thin layers.  His facial expression and eyes are extremely realistic and appear to follow your every movement.  Faelor is a Pure Sculpt creation and I have not used any mold in his creation. 

Faelor has red brown tibetan lamb's wool hair, in a wild windblown look which adds to his charming yet rakish appearance. I have detailed Faelor to include facial and body hair as well.

He wears an olive green removable leather loincloth, and armband. Faelor is anatomically correct, but I have not included all pictures of him. You can email me to request further pictures if you would like to see him in his "natural" state.

His wings are built over a wire armature and then painted over with oils.  I have distressed the wings giving them a slightly aged look. His wings are gently posable.

Faelor measures about 5 inches in his seated position (7 inches to his wing tips) and would be about 9 inches if he were standing.

His base is not included because of the additional weight, but suffice it to say that he would be perfectly at home on any natural piece or wood or driftwood.

Faelor is for sale for $275 including shipping.