"O my mother Nut,
stretch your wings over me.
Let me become like the imperishable stars,
like the indefatigable stars.
May Nut extend her arms over me and her name of
"She who extends her arms"
chases away the shadows
and makes the light shine everywhere.
O Great Being who is in the world of the Dead,
At whose feet is Eternity,
In whose hand is the always,
Come to me,
O great divine beloved Soul,
who is in the mysterious abyss,
Come to me."
- Ancient Egyptian prayer

Mayati enjoyed the sun. There was very little of it, here in her new home, in Wales, far from her beloved country. She had to flee, together with a few of her kin, from the troubles and wars that plagued Egypt. Here, her Celtic cousins called them Faeries, not Pharaoh.
There was no Nile river here, no majestic Pyramids. But the nature had welcomed her. She would find peace in this place..


Description of the doll

The story goes that the ancient Celtic druids actually came from Egypt, fleeing from civil wars after the golden era brought by Moses. They were later destroyed by the Romans in the battle of Anglesey Island. Still, some survived..

Mayati is my Egyptian Faerie.  She is seated on her base looking up in the hope that her silent prayer is heard.

Mayati has been hand sculpted in Prosculpt Polymer clay over a strong wire armature. Her realistic skin tone has been built up in several thin layers using artist's oils, with the shadows on her face being carefully highlighted for a dramatic effect.  Her level of sculpting is detailed with extra attention given to her features, hands and feet.  Her expression and eyes are extremely realistic.  She is realistically posed with her head tilted to one side.  She is using her hands as a means of support to stay on her base. Mayati is a Pure Sculpt doll and I have not used any mold in her creation.  Mayati is unique and will never be repeated.

Her mahogany hair resembles the hennaed look favored by ancient Egyptians and is made from Tibetan lamb's wool and has been carefully rooted, lock by lock.  It has been styled in keeping with the essence of the faerie and compliments her swarthy skin tone perfectly.

Her costuming comprises a thin silk sarong that has been carefully draped and is complimented by a heavy bead necklace. 

Her wings are made of real semi-precious gemstone dust and I have used the powder of amethyst and malachite.  Gold leafing has also been used to bring out the beauty of the gemstone powders and show her wings off to the maximum. The wings can be gently posed if necessary.

Mayati measures about 4 inches in her seated position and would be about 8 inches if she were standing.

Her wooden base is not included but, as the pictures suggest, the doll can be posed in a variety of settings and would be at home on any natural piece of wood or driftwood.