"Serena sighed. The other fairies had been playing tricks again. She was the life bringer fairy, and she would only appear when she needed to bring peace in troubled times. She didn't understand the carelessness of the other fairies. They liked playing, while she liked helping. She would go and mend wounds, and bring smiles back on people's faces. If only the other fairies would understand.."

Serena has been hand sculpted in Prosculpt Polymer clay over a strong wire armature. Her realistic skin tone has been built up in several thin layers using artist's oils.  Her level of sculpting is detailed with extra attention given to her features, hands and feet.  

Her facial expression and eyes are extremely realistic.  She is posed with one arm raised and her fingers gracefully holding her silken drape. Serena is a Pure Sculpt creation hand sculpted without the use of any molds.  Serena is unique and will never be repeated.

Serena has platinum blond hair, made from Tibetan lamb's wool.  It has been styled in keeping with the essence of the faerie, and serves to emphasize her wind blown appearance.

Her costume has been made from cotton lace, silk chiffon and silk tulle, all of which have been hand dyed to match the colour of her eyes.   

Her wings are made of real semi-precious gemstone dust and I have used stones such as turquoise, white and yellow agate, which have each been combined with glitter and various powders and mediums to give me the look I wanted.  The wings can be gently posed if necessary.



Serena measures about 4 inches in her seated position (5 1/2 inches to the tips of her wings) and would be about 8 inches if she were standing.