"Tuileere had just arrived in the enchanted forest. She was a spring fairy, bringer of new
life. Her name meant simply 'Spring' in the Elvish tongue. She was happy to
be back, but there was sadness in her eyes as well. Fewer and fewer people
believed in fairies, and they could come to the earth children less and less. Still,
she would do what she had been doing for ages: bring happiness and light.."

Tuileere is a delightful spring fairy who will bring you good luck and enhance your fairy collection. Her pretty little face and expressive eyes will capture your heart.

She has been handsculpted using ProSculpt over a wire armature. No mold whatsoever has been used to create her. This fairy is one of a kind and will never be repeated. I achieved her realistic skin tone by blushing her carefully with artist's oils. Her fingers and toes have been carefully detailed. She wears a chiffon skirt and her upper body has been covered with "faux enamel flowers and faux enamel ivy vines" which have been carefully and individually created by hand. Her wavy sun-bleached hair is two toned and has been decorated with a "faux enamel" hair ornament.

Her wings are made of mixed materials and have an ethereal quality which is difficult to show on camera. They have the illusion of dichroic glass and have been carefully veined for effect. Some parts of her wings have an opaque gold appearance whilst the light shines wonderfully through other areas making for an interesting and innovative effect. Her wings can be posed carefully.

She measures 5 1/2 inches in height in her seated position, and her base is 6 1/2 inches long. She is removable from her base which is a wooden log which has been sealed for durability and protection and decorated with lichen bushes.