"Agni the Fury, master of Fire, slave of Fire.. She and fire were one. She came to destroy, she came to clean. When unleashed, she could not be stopped. People feared her destruction, but in her path she brought change and rejuvenation. She embraced the power of Fire, her element.. "

Agni means "fire" in Hindi and is one of the four in my elemental series of sculptures.  She has been sculpted and posed to closely resemble the element fire.  I have also tried to depict her with strength, passion, yet an aura of softness and beauty.  Fire can be both a master and slave and I have tried to achieve this in my work.  She is posed on her "faux lava rock" with her head tilted to one side.  Agni's pose is versatile because you can have her kneeling or lying down on her lava rock.  

Agni has been hand sculpted in Prosculpt Polymer clay over a strong wire armature. Her realistic tanned skin tone has been built up in several thin layers using artist's oils.  Her level of sculpting is detailed with extra attention given to her features, hands and feet.  Her facial expression and eyes are extremely realistic.  The attention given to her hands and feet is clearly visible in the carefully rounded toes and separate fingers.  Agni is a Pure Sculpt and I have not used any mold in her creation.  Agni is unique and will never be repeated.

I have used the colours of fire in her costuming.  This effect has been brought out by shades of flame, red, yellow and orange.  Her dark brown tresses made from Tibetan lamb's mohair serves to compliment her tanned skin tone perfectly.

Her costume has been made from dyed and carefully draped silk illusion with her top being made from red coral gemstone powder, mica and a subtle glitter, and has been held together by a variety of binders and sealers.  Her hair has been adorned with a hair ornament decorated with tiny crystals, no-hole beads and bells.

Her wings are made of real semi-precious gemstone dust and I have used powder from red coral, yellow agate and carnelian, to give the effect of flame in her wings.  The dust has been combined with glitter and various powders and later sealed. Although the wings are not removable, they can be gently posed if necessary.

Agni measures about 5 inches in her kneeling position and would be about 8 inches if she were standing.  She also measures slightly under 8 inches from her knees to her left wing tip.  Her wingspan is slightly under 7 inches.

Like my wind faerie Vahyu and earth faerie Dharti, Agni is an elemental faerie.  I shall be working on Nee'ir, my water elemental shortly so that this unique highly collectible OOAK set  is complete.