Akando peered over the horizon. He could see the little specks, which he knew were his prey. Only a true hunter like him could equal the eagle's eyesight. He gripped his spear tighter. He would have to catch them when they were not expecting trouble. 

That was his way, to surprise them. His parents had called him Akando, meaning 'ambush'. 
He knew the terrain, he knew how to approach without sight, sound or smell. He would do his tribe proud this day..


























Akando is made using a combination of Caucasian and Ethnic toned prosculpt polymer clay over a strong wire armature. It took me several days of sculpting full time, to achieve the look I was aiming for, and the time spent was well worth it as Akando is magnificent in every respect. Absolutely no molds were used in his creation.                                                                               

His every muscle has been clearly defined in his warrior-like physique and then highlighted with bronze toned oil paint to bring it out even further. His nails have been carefully detailed and then painted for realism. His expression is extremely realistic and his tawny eyes seem to follow your every movement.

Akando wears a leather loin cloth and sandals. His horned head dress is an impressive milieu of leather, faux fur and feathers which subtle touches of color being introduced by the addition of some delightful peacock feathers. His waist long wavy dark brown hair compliments the wild look he has about him. 


He stands at 8.5 inches tall, from his toes to his horns. He is an anatomically perfect sculpt. I have not included certain pictures with this auction because children often search for dolls online, but do email me if you would like to see further details of his sculpting. 

Akando stands on a polymer clay base holding a spear, both of which are included. The base is not removable. 

Akando is for sale for $249 including shipping.