I have hand sculpted these dolls in polymer clay. They are unique, one of a kind creations in various scales. Click on each image to see my dolls in more detail.


Aldara - SOLD
Winged Goddess
Ayesha - SOLD
The Dancer
Freedom - SOLD
Laughing at life
Ni'ya - SOLD
Polynesian faerie
Opulence - SOLD
Blessed with wealth

Nee'ir - SOLD
The Water Elemental
Dharti - SOLD
The Earth Elemental
Mayati - SOLD
The Fairy from Egypt

Agni - SOLD
The Fire Elemental
Serena - SOLD
The life bringer Fairy
Vahyu - SOLD
The Wind Elemental

The naughty Fairy
The warrior
Tuileere - SOLD
The spring Fairy
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