I love doing miniatures that are unusual and exotic.  For a long time, Venetian Masks fascinated me, not only for the anonymity it could provide, but also because each was such a fabulous work of art.

I pondered over how to make these in miniature for a while and finally came up with a working solution.  Each mask base is a beautiful playground to give full vent to one's creativity.  Fabric, paper, beads, flowers, powders and multitudinous materials can be used as embellishment and to give each mask a unique touch.

Each mask is about 5/8th of an inch wide and 3/4th of an inch high.  These dimensions are excluding the mask stick and refer to the face portion of each mask only. 

Click on available masks to see what is in stock or sold masks to see a sampling of what I have created and perhaps request a customized mask just for you.

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