Joker mask, hand painted in shades of blues and gold. Further decorated with fabric embellishment.


Joker mask in greens and reds. Hand painted with fabric embellishment.

Faux cloisonné flowers and leafs, in peaches, creams and whites accentuate a pearl white hand painted face.


Hand painted with mica powders in subtle metallic tones. Further embellished with carnival trim and faux cloisonné flowers.

Lavish faux cloisonné flower decoration. Flesh toned hand painted base with leaf decoration on one cheek.


Hand painted using flesh tones as a base, and then decorated in autumn shades of greens, oranges and gold. Faux filigree work and no hole beads have been used as further embellishment.

Medusa mask, decorated with fabric and no hole beads. Hand painted accents over wax coated base.


Hand painted black accents over a gold wax finish. Fabric, lace and no hole bead decoration.