Hand painted on a white base, in shades of blues, turquoise and gold. Further embellished with fabric and cording.


Base made from silver leaf. Hand painted eyes and lips. Decorated with faux cloisonné flowers, ribbons and feathers. 

Peacock feathers, faux cloisonné flowers, beads, mica and wire mesh decorate this marvelous mask, hand painted in blue-green mica dust with black accents.


Hand painted mosaic effects and faux filigree work in gold.

Hand painted in half black/half white tones, with gold decorative effects and faux filigree work.


Hand painted in earth tones and embellished with fabric and metal mesh.

Decoupage over a hand painted base. Flower and butterfly decorations. Further embellished with faux cloisonné flowers.


Silver leaf decoupage, paint and peacock feathers adorn this beauty.