Digital Dollhouse Miniature Doll STL Files for 3D Printing 1:12 Scale

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Dolls are so fascinating! There is something special about these little people that makes one want to look at them, collect them and if possible make them. I've grown as a doll artist ever since I've started including 3D printing into my workflow. I love sculpting on the computer and then watching my creations come to life as they are being printed. A lot of doll makers and doll costume artists have asked me to share my digital sculpts so they too could set out on this glorious journey of making exceptionally detailed dolls.

What's included:


This listing includes all the digital files you will need to 3D print a distinguished older gent called Christopher. Christopher is a 1:12 scale miniature and sized perfectly for your dollhouse. You will receive zipped up versions of the STL files to print your own doll. Files include supported and unsupported versions of Christopher's head/torso and limbs with full instructions for assembly. I created these files to make the naval officer in the wheelchair, shown in the photos above.

What do I need to print these:


You will need a resin 3D printer or access to one. You could contact a third party to get the doll printed on your behalf as well. I thoroughly recommend using a resin 3D printer to print these files. Although you may still be able to get decent results with a well configured filament printer, you will miss out on details like fine lines, wrinkles, laugh lines and more on their expressive little faces.

Sizing / Finished Measurements: 


The doll is a 1:12 scale elder male doll sized at about 6 inches after assembly.

License terms:


My files come with a license permitting you to sell finished (painted, costumed and wigged) dolls that you make from these files. However, you cannot share the files or make unfinished kits for distribution.



These dolls are my original digital sculpts created especially for the miniatures community. Although I test print all my files before offering them for sale, I cannot account for differences in resin and printers where your results may vary from mine. In case you have any questions please contact me and I'll do my best to help. I wish you luck on your creative journey and I hope you enjoy making these fascinating little people.

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