Character Doll The Violinist

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The Violinist is a 1/12th scale miniature doll. He was sculpted by me in ZBrush, 3D printed in resin and meticulously hand painted in acrylics.

I have been told he looks like Joaquin Phoenix, a happy accident as far as I am concerned.

I created The Violinist, to be a street musician. He is shown standing on a section of the street (his base) and playing is music. I like my dolls to be as true to life as possible. To achieve this, his skin tone took several layers painted over several days. When I paint, I like to build up a slight skin texture by adding subtle variation of color, skin highlights and shadows for as much realism as possible. He is costumed in cargo pants and a sweater. I printed the sweater using thin cotton fabric to simulate a knitted fairisle pattern. His hair is chocolate brown Tibetan mohair and added one lock at a time. Once his hair was attached, I gave him a long, layered haircut His hairstyle has been set using a pomade to help retain it's wavy style.

The doll stands at 6 inches tall. The Violinist holds his violin and bow as he plays his music. Both the violin and bow have been 3D printed, painted, aged and strung. He stands on his hand-painted base with the help of a peg in the base and a hole in his shoe. One leg rests lightly on a rock to give his pose movement. The Violinist is an OOAK piece and will never be duplicated by me.

He is signed and dated on his calf and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The price of this listing includes international shipping by DHL.

About me:


I have been an artist for over 20 years, working on different aspects of dollhouse miniatures and fantasy sculptures. My work has appeared in the International Doll Collectors Magazine in Oct/Nov 2006. I live in a tropical paradise called Trivandrum, which is in South India with my husband, daughter and fluffy little Shih Tzu called Sparky who has us all wrapped around his little paw.