Magic Miniatures welcomes you.  Since 2002 I have been showcasing and offering a variety of unusual, artisan crafted miniature items such as 1/12th scale dolls, molded Venetian masks, tapestry charts and kits and several other items.
I also stock various supplies, which by virtue of my living in India are easy to come by.
Whenever it is possible, I also try to have picture tutorials and free charts for my visitors.

This website can be navigated by clicking on the links above and also within the several pages.

Enjoy your visit.

If you are interested in other handcrafted items, please see my shop here, on Etsy.

If your interest is in sculpting miniatures, please visit Magic Sculpture, a site by me dedicated to the art of sculpting and offering unique tools to guide artists.



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Photographs of my latest miniatures are shown below.  You can access the entire collection by clicking on the miniatures link on the top of this page.

Click here to see my miniature old masters paintings

I enjoy the works of the old masters.  These great artists have been a source of admiration and inspiration.  I have attempted to re-create some of these fine art works in miniature.

I've pondered on how to replicate Venetian Masks in miniature for quite a while.  I finally hit upon a working solution.

Click here to see my miniature Venetian masks

My passion is the creation of fantasy art sculptures.  An example is 'Aldara', for whom I created a handwoven outfit.


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